Happy New Year!

This year I am determined to attain my New Year’s resolution. Although only 8% of Americans reach their New Year’s goals, I do not think I will have a big problem sticking to it.

My goal, or resolution, doesn’t seem that hard to achieve at first. Get healthy. Yep, that’s it. Not to lose weight, not to give up chocolate (will never happen), just to get healthy. The way I have decided to do it is with a mostly Paleo diet. I say mostly because the Paleo way of eating has as many different facets to it as you can imagine, like maybe a million. Some people go all out, no type of sugar, no grain whatsoever, only eating meats and vegetables the unprocessed, natural way; all the way to people who follow it as closely as possible without becoming obsessed. That would be me. I will have gluten-free pasta when I cook for my parents on Sundays, but I want to emphasize that there are many substitutes for pasta that are available, such as spiral zucchini, that I also enjoy.Spiralizer. spiralizer

As I have said previously, I am also tackling this in stages. I feel I will take about a month on each phase; exploring new ways of food preparation, new recipes, and generally developing new habits. Here is my plan.

Phase 1. Cut the wheat out of my diet. Dr. William Davis, the cardiologist whose book Wheat Belly brought this way of eating into the mainstream. He speaks about how autoimmune disorders can be achieved by cutting out grains, and there are thousands of testimonials on the internet backing his findings.


Phase 2. Cut out dairy. Dairy is another main ingredient for inflammation. Adults were never meant to drink milk; that is for babies. If you worry about calcium, it is available in so many vegetables, such as kale, broccoli, fruits like oranges and apricots; the list goes on and on.

Phase 3. Sugar. Nouf said.

Here are some pics of some of the food I have had both out and at home. One thing I can say, there is no lack of flavor on this diet. Yum-yum. This is what I had for lunch at Toojay’s in Vero Beach on Thursday. A no-bread Rueben, with sweet potato fries, and coleslaw. No grains, there was sugar and dairy in this meal though. As I said, slowly but surely.

toojays rueban


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