Bye Bye Cravings

nom nom paleo sandwich bread sandwich

Somewhere in the last few days, which is about two weeks into the grain-free segment of my millionth diet, I have stopped craving bread. I also have noticed my energy level rise a little bit. Most of all, the brain fog from the fibromyalgia is starting to lift. I am surprising myself all day when I remember a person’s name (five minutes after they told me), and also I can better recall if I temporarily forget my place in a conversation.
Another reason I am not missing the bread so much, is the fact that I have discovered creative ways to make what I like to call fake bread, which is actually as real and as nutritional as you can get. ThanksMichelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo iPad app, I can actually make a phenomenal sandwich when I am in the mood to have some stick-to-your-gut comfort food. Here is a sandwich I brought to work with me last week. Let me tell you, my mouth just waters looking at this picture. I made the bread, then added some Applegate Farms Roasted Turkey Breast and Genoa Salami. I smeared both sides of the bread with some Tomato and Basil Chevre, and topped it all off with marinated mushrooms. With choices like this, you should never feel deprived.


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