Busy Work Week

This has been a really busy week at the store. In case I haven’t mentioned this, I own and operate Organic Mattress Haven in Vero Beach, FL. Eating Paleo takes up some time too. I don’t eat my meals out three to four times a week like I used to; make ahead meals are becoming part of my life. I usually spend my day off cooking some of these make ahead meals, so when I get home I have something nutritious ready to go. Because if I don’t and I feel too tired or unmotivated to cook, I will cave in to take-out, something I do not want to do. I have to plan, shop, and cook. Also, no grains, so if I want a goodie, which I always do in the evening, it entails baking it myself. Although I consider myself a pretty good cook, baking hasn’t always been my strong point. But I am putting in the effort, and it shows. There is nothing like eating a piece of cake or a cookie and not feeling guilty about it. No berating myself for giving in to my craving. Because on Paleo, it isn’t about what you can’t have, it is all about being creative and joyful with your diet. The following is what I made for breakfast to last most of the week.

Breakfast: Homemade sausage casserole. Started by layering in a casserole dish, (in my family we call it a Lasagna pan) Michelle Tam’s of Nom Nom Paleo Sweet Potato Hash (bottom layer), next made my own sausage with ground beef and pork (about ½ lb. each), fennel seed, and sage, put it on top of the hash, sliced up some goat cheese Gruyere, layering it over the sausage, then whipped six eggs and poured them over the whole kit and caboodle. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, until I saw the edges start to pull away from the pan. This made enough for two to last four days. And it was so so good. And ready. And did I mention how good it was. Hmm, I think I will do a repeat of it this week.


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