Chilly days call for comfort food.

Today in Vero Beach, FL, the winds are blowing and the temperature is down to 53 degrees. When I look at what my family and friends are going through up north with Juno, I am glad to be here and quit complaining immediately about the chilly weather. This kind of weather also is the best time for some good old comfort food.
A few weeks ago I had some thigh bones left from the “Crackling Chicken” recipe I made from http://Nom Nom Paleo – Nom Nom Paleo, Nom Nom Paleo. I figured I could make some bone broth out of the bones for future use. Now I have a little bit of a head cold going; so I figured it was the perfect time to make some Jewish Penicillin; good old fashioned chicken soup. I can’t wait to get home tonight to inhale the broth, and heal myself.
o-CHICKEN-SOUP-facebook (stock photo)
Tonight when I get home I also plan on making more chicken thighs ( and more broth), but this time I am going to use my own recipe. Since starting Paleo, I usually pull out the recipe books I purchased night after night. I have made some delicious meals, but sometimes you just want to cook, eat, and veg out after a long day. So I am going to make a relatively simple dish, and I will let you all know on my next post how it came out.


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