Wheat. Bread. Wheat.

In the last few blogs I’ve written, I may have mentioned that I am over my craving for wheat. While I may not actually crave wheat anymore, it is not true that if it is stuck in front of my maw, I won’t oblige whoever put it there by scarfing it up. This was the case yesterday when I went out for lunch; always a danger for me because of my low resistance to just saying no. Not a problem for me; I said when I started the Paleo journey I was not going to be so strict with it that I didn’t occasionally have something not on the accepted list of Paleo foods.
Here’s what happened: I ordered a soup and salad and asked that there be no bread on the plate. Can you guess what’s coming next? You got it, it was served with bread, and as the good nun’s in grammar school taught us, eat everything on your plate or it is a sin. So being the good girl that I am, I ate the bread. This happened 4 night’s ago too. Told the server no gravy, she brought it with gravy. As a matter of fact, it (pot roast) was cooked in gravy. I told her this and she walked away and never returned. It was late, I was hungry, and I ate it. Another night this week, my partner made garlic bread, so of course I indulged.
I am beginning to see a pattern here. That is what this blog is about, journaling my experience so I catch what I need to work on, and if I share it and it helps others became healthier through their diet; I am doubly blessed.
Here is what I had for lunch today. My own recipe chicken thighs, and an organic salad. Delicious! Oh, and desert was some crunchy Kale chips.
In making this, I was trying to imitate my mom’s Italian Fried Chicken. She would egg chicken pieces, then dredge them in Italian bread crumbs, brown them in olive oil, and then bake them.
My version was to mix some coconut flour and almond flour, add Italian spices to the flour, and brown in coconut oil instead of olive oil. Recipe came out great, except I forgot to add the spices. Give a girl a break; I was tired from sitting on my bum all day at work. Here is a pic.


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