Hello, and welcome.

This blog will cover my experience entering into the Paleo diet world.

I have been on practically every diet known to man, probably a million of them. And while I would stick strictly to these diets, I would loose 10 or 15 pounds and then hit a roadblock. Crash right into a tree. And Stop. I feel like I could have an honorary degree in nutrition, having spent about a million hours reading about the right way to eat. And nothing has worked. I spend six months loosing maybe 15 pounds, and then get sick and tired of being hungry all the time and drop the current diet. And gain the weight right back.

After a million more hours of research, and a lot of self-convincing, I have decided to go Paleo. I am not going fanatical, all or nothing Paleo. I will occasionally allow myself to dine with family and eat regular pasta. C’mon now, I am Italian, my DNA demands it. More often then not, though, I plan on bringing along either pre-cooked spaghetti squash or Gluten-free pasta when I dine with family.

One of the reasons I chose Paleo is it’s strong association in being helpful to those with inflammatory conditions like Fibromyalgia; because I have been diagnosed with it for around twenty years now. Oddly enough, a few years before I had symptoms I cut red meat out of my diet. Hmmm, Paleo proponents talk about the importance of incorporating red meat back into our diets. A subtle connection? Maybe.

So I will be sharing my research into the diet, as well as costs of it, availability of certain key ingredients, and recipes. Because I love to eat.

Join me in my journey, and welcome to it.


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